Greek PM warns of new curbs due to Covid-19 cases rise

Greeks must stick to rules aimed at containing the coronavirus more closely than ever, PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis warned on Wednesday, adding that new restrictions are possible if a worrying rise in daily cases does not abate. Greece reported 121 new cases on Tuesday, the highest tally since 22 April with most cases of local origin, Reuters reported.

“Any form of complacency is unjustified. We still don’t know how many months we will be forced to live with the virus,” he pointed out. Mitsotakis described the registered rise in infections, three months after restrictions were eased, as “worrying”. “Strict adherence to the rules is demanded even more at this crucial turn, to prevent a new significant rise in cases in August and the adoption of possible new restrictive measures which will hurt the economy and society,” the PM said.

In spring, Greece fared better than many other countries in controlling the Covid-19 spread mainly due to targeted lockdowns followed by nationwide curbs imposed in March. Now, total cases have reached 4,855, with data showing the virus affecting more younger people than before. Experts say that could be due either to an increase in tests or because more visitors have been tested during Greece’s peak tourism season.

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