Greek Orthodox Church launches campaign to help Covid vaccination

Photo: EPA Anti-vaccine protesters participate in a demonstration outside the parliament in Athens, 14 July 2021.

The Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church has written a circular with 12 questions and answers on the subject of the Covid-19 vaccination, which is to be read out to the faithful in the churches of the country, dpa reported. The four-page letter, which the Greek newspaper Kathimerini published on Tuesday evening, does not only deal with medical questions such as the effect of the vaccination against the Delta variant of the virus. It also addresses common conspiracy theories.

"Coronavirus vaccines do not contain microchips. These are unrealistic theories based on misinformation campaigns on the internet," the paper says. It also clarifies a popular conspiracy theory in Greece that vaccines contain cells from embryos: This is not the case with any vaccine, the Synod informs.

Coronavirus numbers in Greece have risen sharply recently, while demand for vaccinations is falling.

The government is trying to push vaccinations with various measures, for example with a payment card worth 150 euros for young people if they get vaccinated.

Vaccinations became compulsory in the care and health sector; those who refuse are exempted from work and no longer receive money.

The support of the church should be valuable in the fight for more vaccinations. Religious people in particular are among the vaccination sceptics in Greece.


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