Google to pay publishers $1bn for high-quality news

Google is going to pay a selected group of partnered news publishers $1bn over the next three years to contribute to a new product called Google News Showcase, CEO Sundar Pichai announced on Thursday. The new product, which will feature specially written and curated news content, is launching first in Germany and Brazil.

“This approach is distinct from our other news products because it leans on the editorial choices individual publishers make about which stories to show readers and how to present them,” Pichai said. He noted that Google will pay publishers to create and curate high-quality content for a different kind of online news experience.

In a blog post Pichai also said that Google has signed partnerships for News Showcase with nearly 200 leading publications across Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, the UK and Australia. The number of news publications will grow as the company works to expand News Showcase to other countries including India, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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