Google targets $3m fund to fight vaccine fakes

Photo: EPA

Google News announced a special initiative aimed at fighting misinformation related to Covid-19 vaccines and the vaccination process. The initiative will be financed by a $3 million worth open global fund, Reuters reported.

The initiative, called “Covid-19 Vaccine Counter Misinformation Open Fund” vows to uphold efforts by journalists focused on fact checking and revealing the truth about the Covid-19 vaccination process.  “While the Covid-19 infodemic has been global in nature, misinformation has also been used to target specific populations,” Google said. “Some of the available research also suggests that the audiences coming across misinformation and those seeking fact checks don’t necessarily overlap.” The fund will accept projects looking to expand the audience of fact-checks, particularly to groups disproportionately hit by misinformation. Applications will be reviewed by team of 14 jurors from across the academic, media, medical and non-profit sectors, as well as representatives from the World Health Organisation. In December, the Google News Initiative pledged $1,5 million to fund a Covid-19 vaccine media hub to support fact-checking research.

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