Germany to push for UN Security Council resolution on pandemic

Germany will use its month as rotating chair of the United Nations Security Council to push the body to agree on a resolution concerning the coronavirus pandemic, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has told dpa.


Maas lamented that the UN top body had not so far managed to reach agreement on a response to the global crisis, which he described as "evidence of incapacity."

"It cannot be that the Security Council remains speechless when the whole world is dealing with such a pandemic," the foreign minister said.

Germany is to assume the Security Council chair for one month from July 1.

Attempts by the Security Council to pass a pandemic resolution have been hampered by a dispute between the United States and China over the role of the World Health Organization (WHO).

US President Donald Trump accuses the WHO of acting in China's favour and does not want to see it mentioned in any resolution.

"This is another example that the Security Council is on the verge of incapacity to act," said Maas.

"In the major current crises, such as Syria or the coronavirus, the Security Council no longer meets the demands that one should have on it. There is a permanent self-blockade - sometimes from one side, sometimes from the other," he added.

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