GERB wins parliamentary elections in Bulgaria

Based on 61.08% of district election commission tally sheets handled by constituency election commissions, the GERB-UDF coalition won Sunday's parliamentary elections in Bulgaria with 25.32% of the vote, the Central Election Commission (CEC) reported on Monday.

The party There Is Such a People placed second with 18.49%, followed by BSP in third place with 14.90%, Democratic Bulgaria Alliance 10.38%, MRF 9.06%, the Stand up! Mafiosi out! coalition 4.96%, IMRO-BNM 3.58% and Vazrazhdane (Revival) 2.92%.

The Volya-NFSB coalition got 2.46% of the vote, Republicans for Bulgaria 1.11%, Ataka 0.50% and ABV 0.48%.

The data was collated around 10.30am on Monday.

CEC also reported the following expatriate voting results based on 86.88% of tally sheets of overseas district election commissions: There Is Such a People 29.83%, Democratic Bulgaria Alliance 16.81%, MRF 14.66%, GERB-UDF 8.73%, Vazrazhdane (Revival) 7.21%, BSP 6.58%, Bulgarian National Unity 5.28%, Stand up! Mafiosi out! 4.27%, IMRO-BNM 1.59%, Volya-NFSB 0.55%, Republicans for Bulgaria 0.41%, ABV 0.36% and Ataka 0.32%.

The data was collated around 7.30am Bulgarian time on Monday.

Bulgarian expatriates cast their ballot in 464 voting sections in 69 countries. A voting section in France stayed closed due to anti-Covid restrictions. In some foreign locations, part of the electorate could not vote, lining up outside the voting sections.

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