GERB receives and returns mandate to form cabinet

President Radev has seven days to present a third mandate

Photo: BTA President Rumen Radev (R) and Daniel Mitov

Pesident of Bulgaria Rumen Radev presented prime-ministerial candidate Daniel Mitov, representing GERB-UDF, the second-largest parliamentary group in the 46th National Assembly, with a mandate to form a cabinet, which Mitov promptly returned, as GERB-UDF had indicated that he would do.

GERB-UDF had said from the very beginning, and Mitov reiterated it upon returning the mandate, that the coalition unfortunately does not see a path towards forming a cabinet with the second mandate given by the president. Mitov presented the head of state with a written opinion by the parliamentary group of GERB-UDF, which suggests that the second mandate should be considered unsuccessful, allowing the president to move forward with the constitutional procedure.

Earlier on Friday, during a briefing at its political headquarters, GERB revealed the names that would have made up a potential GERB-UDF cabinet so that Bulgarians can judge the coalition’s governing potential against that of the rest of the field. If realised, the GERB-UDF cabinet would have looked like this:

prime minister – Daniel Mitov

vice-PM – Tomislav Donchev

vice-PM in charge of judicial reform and minister of foreign affairs – Ekaterina Zaharieva

vice-PM in charge of public order and safety and minister of the interior – Rumen Hristov

minister of finance – Kiril Ananiev

minister of justice – Radomir Cholakov

minister of defence – Hristo Gadzhev

minister of regional development and public works – Aleksandar Ivanov

minister of labor and social policy – Denitsa Sacheva

minister of education and science – Krasimir Valchev

minister of healthcare – Kostadin Angelov

minister of culture – Lyuben Dilov

minister of agriculture, food and forestry – Desislava Taneva

minister of transportation, information technologies and communications – Rosen Zhelyazkov

minister of economy – Zhechko Stankov

minister of energy – Delyan Dobrev

minister of tourism – Denitsa Nikolova

minister of environment and waters – Ivelina Vassileva

minister of youth and sports – Krasen Kralev.

Under the Constitution of Bulgaria, the president has seven days to present another parliamentary group with a mandate to nominate its candidate for prime minister. If an agreement on a cabinet is not reached, the president will have to appoint a caretaker government, dismiss the parliament and schedule new elections.

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