GERB: Radev to take responsibility for provocations

Paid provocateurs attacked the buses of GERB supporters

Paid provocateurs tried to tarnish the protest conducted in support of the government, which took place in Sofia yesterday evening, on 10 July. This was stated by Tsvetomir Paunov from GERB. He was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev and Social Affairs Minister Denitsa Sacheva.

Those who claim to be defenders of democracy were allegedly making obscene gestures waving their middle fingers, he said, explaining that police officers had been shot by eggs in glass bottles and had been insulted. We strongly condemn such acts of vandalism, Paunov assured and clarified that these acts of vandalism continued even after the participants in the protest, who supported the cabinet have left it without provocations to the paid agitators. "Buses and minibuses were attacked, and the people inside were stoned and insulted," Paunov said.

Therefore, GERB announced a declaration condemning the attacks by ultras and paid provocateurs at the buses, by means of which the participants in the peaceful protest were supposed to go home. A real outrage was done on the buses, and their windows were broken. There are no injured members of GERB only by chance.

"After what happened tonight, it became clear that the one who called the legitimately elected government by the term “thugs” uses the same thug methods to destabilise the country, and something more – this happens in a historic moment for the country - our admission to ERM II," Paunov said.

"We urged Rumen Radev, Kornelia Ninova, Rumen Petkov, Tatyana Doncheva, Hristo Ivanov, Arman Babikyan, Velislav Minekov, Nikolay Hadjigenov, Maya Manolova and everyone else who waved their fists, to take the political responsibility for these acts of vandalism," he said. According to him, Radev is obliged to go out and call on all these paid provocateurs to leave the streets and go home.

"If he doesn't do it, we will consider him the main instigator of these deliberate actions. He was the one who raised his fist against the people," he said and added: "Is this the real face of the President Rumen Radev. Is this the face of those who want to govern and who want to propose policies for governing the country - fists, provocations and attempts to destabilise the legitimately elected Bulgarian government?"

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