Gallup: 7 parties projected to enter next Bulgarian parliament

Seven parties are projected to enter the 45th National Assembly, according to a Gallup International Bulgaria poll commissioned by the Bulgarian National Radio and conducted between 24 and 31 March among 1,013 Bulgarian adults. Based on the results, anywhere between 2.6 and 2.9 million people can be expected to cast their vote. 

“Of voters actually residing in the country, some 50% state their intention to go to the polls, but turnout is expected to be significantly lower when measured on the basis of official voter rolls - in the range of 40%. However, turnout is generally extremely difficult to predict, making serious deviations from that number possible. A small share of voters are expected to cast a protest ballot and support no one,” the pollster's analysis shows.

Data shows that 28.2% would vote for the coalition between GERB and the Union of Democratic Forces, while 20.8% for BSP. The party There is Such a People is anticipated to earn 12.9% of the votes, MRF - 12.7%, Democratic Bulgaria Alliance - 6.1%, the Stand up! Mafiosi out! coalition - 5.2%, and the IMRO-BNM party - 4.4%.

“The prospects of the three lowest ranked political organisations will be decided in the last days - even hours - of the run-up to Election Day in addition to two other factors - at what number of votes the (4%) threshold lands, and the turnout of 'hardcore' voters,” Gallup experts say.

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