Fugitive banker winds up media toy to lie about Delyan Peevski

Tsvetan Vassilev

The paranoia gripping certain indicted Bulgarian oligarchs such as Tsvetan Vassilev, who is currently hiding abroad, and his media partner Ivo Prokopiev has reached unthinkable, schizophrenic levels. This much was made obvious by the website for malicious paid articles Frognews, which is ran by Ognyan Stefanov, former Agent Academician of the State Security.

Do not be fooled by the revolutionary mantras of such people because it is all posturing. They are like those old-fashioned mechanical toys that used to be sold at county fairs in the 1980s. Those moved only if you wound them up.

And the hand that is winding up the clockwork motor of Agent Academician is well known. We have seen it plenty of times, most often holding a glass. Other times, it has acted undetected, deftly stealing money – like the BGN 4bn syphoned off of CorpBank, a sum that later became a huge burden for the public budget. This same hand uses dirty money to pay liars for smearing hits. The orders are given in ridiculous Serbo-Bulgarian, written down on sheets torn out of a notebook or on napkins from some fancy Belgrade restaurant. Yes, you have guessed it right – this hand belongs to Tsvetan Vassilev, who at the height of his career as a financial fraudster used to dream of becoming prime minister. This insight into his aspirations comes from people who were part of his inner circle before he betrayed them. Just like he betrayed CorpBank depositors. Just like he betrayed the Bulgarian citizens, effectively told them to go to hell, and left them to pay for what he stole with their taxes. The self-involved oligarch had dreams of becoming a premier – so he could turn Bulgaria into a giant equivalent of CorpBank, perhaps? So he could thieve the last penny of regular Bulgarians, just like he stole the BGN 4bn – the sum is even greater if one includes the secondary plundering of the lender. What prospect! However, the fraudster failed to realise his grandiose dream of becoming “PM Tsvetan Vassilev”. And now his only title is that of a fugitive banker who trembles at the very mention of words like “justice” and “prosecutor”.

This fugitive with crushed dreams of sitting in the prime-ministerial chair wound up the clockwork motor of Agent Academician of the former obscurantist security agency to make him spew more fake talking points against lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. The agent promptly went through half the animal kingdom in his insults because, frankly, that is the level demonstrated by his puppet master Tsvetan Vassilev. Now we are supposed to believe that the entire Bulgarian people have the fugitive holed up in Belgrade in their sights! According to his paid scribblers, we are mindless sheep – seven million residents of the “territory” (as Vassilev refers to Bulgaria). Bulgarians, ethnic Turks, Roma, Armenians, Jews, Greeks, Arabs – they are all “sheep” and apparently only Tsvetan Vassilev is a lion in this story. This time Vassilev activated his little automation “frogs” to croak nonsense like claims that Delyan Peevski is trying to become prime minister or, failing that, put one of “his people” in that position. This is just another series of smokescreens set by the oligarchy – essentially asserting that somehow Peevski controls everything and everyone in the country. The idea is to make people believe that Peevski has his hands on everything – from the judicial system to, let us say, kindergartens and orchards.

Again, what sort of giant paranoia is gripping the thieving oligarchy?! But how can the oligarchs be so stupid, or are they trying to make fools out of us? Just a year ago, those same paid-under-the-table “journalists” and “analysts” that the oligarchy is totting out now were writing things like “Peevski is out, Peevski flees abroad” and other fabrications. And now they are elevating Peevski to the position of… prime minister?! There is this Bulgarian saying “fear makes the eyes grow large” (meaning that you start to see things that do not exist – editor’s note), but switching from calling Peevski a fugitive to a premier is a bit much even for Tsvetan Vassilev’s panicked mind. Easy there, Vassilev! What kind of drinks are you getting from our Serbian neighbours?

The fear driving people like Tsvetan Vassilev, mainstream media master Ivo Prokopiev, natural gas tycoon Sasho Donchev and pharmaceutical boss Ognyan Donev and their political godfather, former PM Ivan Kostov, is truly deep. They are afraid of the consequences of their own actions, of the judicial system knocking on their door. This fear also stems from their failed propaganda, the broken Fake News Factory that has been painting Delyan Peevski in a negative light. All sorts of vile transgressions are being pinned on him with shameless lies and when there is nothing to pin, fabrications were made.

Tsvetan Vassilev’s liars are also asking why there is no movement on the so-called RICO case, into which the financial fraudster from Gabrovo dragged Peevski’s name in order to frame him for his own sins.

The insinuation here is on the nose – that Peevski somehow controls a powerful state like the US and is making it play his game! What infantile blabber! There is no movement on the patched-up cases that the fugitive banker filed against Peevski simply because the Americans are not stupid. They have long figured out what we have been telling the slanderers all along – your lies may be startlingly repulsive, but that does not make them into facts.

Most people never fell for this nonsense, as evidenced by the army of loyal readers of the Telegraph Media publications. But the eyes of an increasingly large number of people were opened recently. The donations Delyan Peevski has been making need no advertising. Tens of hospital directors, doctors, mayors, scientists and regular people – all of them espousing different political and personal beliefs – witnessed Delyan Peevski’s charitable generosity for themselves. Thousands of people realised that the smear campaign waged against the lawmaker by media outlets with oligarchic ties is just a house of cards serving shadowy interests.

This is why Tsvetan Vassilev put down the glass and wound up his Frognews toy and Agent Academician to spread insults and libel. So they did. Let them.

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