From Dubai, El Chapo pays for the country to be paralised for his birthday

Poisonous Trio organises paid protester groups for national rally on Wednesday

The gambling tzar facing 18 felony charges Vasil Bozhkov has ordered his pawns from the Poisonous Trio to arrange it so the country is paralised for his birthday on Wednesday. The Bulgarian El Chapo, who defrauded the state coffers out of BGN 700m and subsequently fled to Dubai only to launch from there a plan to undermine the country’s institutions so he can avoid retribution for his crimes, has issued an order for all groups of protesters paid by him to gather for a national rally on 29 July.

The latest episode in the riot orchestrated by Bozhkov, in partnership with the indicted oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev and Tsvetan Vassilev and their NGOs, GMO political organisations and mainstream media machine, was previewed in an interview that the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev’s family friend, attorney Nikoay Hadzhigenov, gave for the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR). “The peak of the escalation is on Wednesday – protest rallies in Sofia and across the country blocking everything,” is how the behind-the-scenes clique’s plans were described by Hadzhigenov, who is one third of the so-called Poisonous Trio along with the Capital circle’s favourite sculptor Velislav Minekov and “the father” of internet trolls Arman Babikyan.

Under the instructions provided by the trio of organisers serving the interests of the criminally inclined oligarchs, the Sofia rally participants are supposed to occupy on Wednesday the space outside the Council of Ministers building, where key arterial roads pass, by setting up tents and stay there until the cabinet resigns. To that end, they will have access to catering, probably funded by Bozhkov.

From the outset, the trio has been leading the protests, which are financed by fugitive oligarch Vasil Bozhkov. The looming shutdown on the gambling tzar’s birthday is unlikely to be a coincidence and most likely represents an attempt by the Poisonous Trio to get back into the good graces of Bozhkov after the failure suffered by their previous events. The rally is expected to once again be accompanied by purposeful attempts to escalate tensions and cause bloody clashes with the police.

The new plan funded by the behind-the-scenes clique comes amid growing discontent with the blocking of key crossroads in downtown Sofia over the past few days. The Ministry of Interior announced that an increasing number of citizens of the capital are frustrated with the actions of the Poisonous Trio’s groups of protesters and have filed complaints for violation of their right to free movement. Some of them have even gone so far as to try and restore order on their own. This is why the department urged citizens not to respond to provocations.

On Friday evening the NGO Boets and the rightwing party Yes, Bulgaria – controlled respectively by the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, who syphoned billions off of CorpBank, and the ringleader of the Capital circle Ivo Prokopiev, a duo that joined forces four years ago – were involved in acts of vandalism outside the building of the Bulgarian National Television (BNT), with cans and bottles thrown to the soundtrack of expletives. In their wrath, they even hurled stuff at socialist party leader Kornelia Ninova, even though her lawmakers constantly serve as extras at the rallies organised by the behind-the-scenes clique and regularly turn into mouthpieces for the talking points of El Chapo & Co. from the pulpit of the National Assembly. On Saturday evening the participants in yet another sparse protest bombarded the Council of Ministers building with cherry tomatoes and rolls of toilet paper, provided to them by the organisers, until a thunderstorm dispersed the crowds and prevented a repeat of the previous night’s violent incidents.

Meanwhile, collages posted on El Chapo’s Instagram account served as the latest evidence that he is behind the talking points that have been spread by the spokespeople of the oligarchy’s mainstream media machine over the past days and weeks, both in Bulgaria and abroad. That includes the fake thesis that lawmaker of the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) Delyan Peevski is somehow tied to PM Boyko Borissov and has control over some cabinet ministers. Even though these allegations have nothing to do with the truth, while those spreading them do not present any supporting evidence (because there is none), they are being disseminated in the public space as a wave of fake news items. One of the main conduits for that spread is former justice minister and current strawman leader of the oligarchic party Yes, Bulgaria Hristo Ivanov. It was the public stunts of Ivanov, also known as Pinocchio due to his penchant for bending the truth, that kicked off the plan devised by the charged and indicted oligarchs Bozhkov, Prokopiev and Vassilev to undermine public institutions and instigate a riot that would force snap elections. The goal is for President Rumen Radev, whose actions have exposed him as a puppet of this same criminal trio, to appoint a provisional government that would then purge all the state bodies responsible for organising the elections, starting with Information Services, so that the outcome of the upcoming two elections in 2021 – general and presidential – can be manipulated.

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