From Budjaka to Ireland: Oligarchy with a new action against Peevski

Vasil Bozhkov and Tsvetan Vassilev

Frightened by their own crimes and the harsh law fairness looming over them, Bulgarian oligarchs activated in panic their defence mechanisms. This time the "poisonous trio" of the oligarchy - Vasil Bozhkov, Ivo Prokopiev and Tsvetan Vassilev, apply again the well-established scheme for years. Namely, they release  an ordered lampoon in a foreign press.

The goal is very clear – passing their false talking points, slanders, lies and insinuations through the authority of foreign media to make them "authoritative" and "authentical". If easy dupes exist, they want to catch them that this hit does not come from the Bulgarian oligarchs, but from the "free press". This is called "news laundering", which is a strategy well known to Prokopiev’s mainstream media machine. The vicious circle closes when the "washed" fake news item is reprinted again in our country - in a mainstream media outlet.

The tactics in these cases usually involves hiring a freelancer who is ready to do everything to deserve their money. Possibly, because no journalist working in a serious media outlet would risk their career with such hits. Mercenaries like this can be given a boost even in reputable media - so their behind-the-scenes lobbying is costly.

What is it about? The ironic Bulgarian saying "to behave ourselves before the foreigners" is taken very seriously by the indicted oligarchs, but with the opposite meaning: "To discredit him before the foreigners". Surely, it is about the MP from the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher Delyan Peevski.

This time the oligarchic cooperative expanded geographically and it sailed from the wastewaters near Budjaka area (perhaps by Bozhkov's yacht) all the way to the island of Ireland. There, the freelance journalist John O’Brennan has made a kind of comment in the otherwise respected outlet The Irish Times, about the political situation and protests in our country. It is actually not a comment, but a lampoon, which was helpfully reprinted on the mainstream website Club Z.

O’Brennan does not fail to mention, supposedly in passing, the name of Delyan Peevski in this defamatory material. His main task is, in fact, to repeat the old lies of the oligarchy in Bulgaria as on command. No news – only the stale news of the oligarch Prokopiev for freedom of speech, for the "largest media group" of Peevski as well as insulting and deeply false epithets addressed to the lawmaker. For example, that Peevski is an “unlovable oligarch".

Who is in fact Mr John O’Brennan? Where did he get such an interest in Bulgarian affairs? Our report showed that a few months ago he expressed interest in Twitter and asked question why there are relatively few coronavirus patients in Bulgaria. Apparently, he thinks that this is the way to be done "investigation" - on Twitter. Mr O’Brennan still have it answered. On the social network, he is answered not by anyone else, but by Radosveta Vassileva - the daughter of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev. She responds to him, as she can do it best - with lies, slanders and insults against the Bulgarian state, which are very similar “by chance” to the lies, slanders and insults of the indicted oligarchs of the recent months. In other words, the daughter of the Bulgarian Madoff and the "free" Irish journalist in question stay in touch, they know each other and this is not even a secret.

If Mr O’Brennan had bothered to check the situation in Bulgaria, he would have known that many of the hospitals continue to cope with the crisis thanks to donations of Delyan Peevski, which provided a huge amount of medical and protective equipment.

Gentlemen oligarchs, why didn't you send your Irish ship’s boy to Peevski's constituency to ask different sorts of questions about him? Don't worry, they will not beat him, the people there are good hearted. But you did not send him, because this lost in translation Irishman would see there clean and tidy streets, working enterprises and nice and renovated houses. And the same "unlovable" Peevski has no problem to sit down with his constituents and to listen to them. That is the reason why people have been voting for him for several terms. While you have been toiling away for several terms, but on the backstage front.

Tsvetan Vassilev's daughter, Radosveta Vassileva, has been experiencing as a "media expert" for long. She declared even herself a doctor - for everybody to laugh at!

That is how far the "imagination" of the oligarchs goes, that is all they can do. Our country is shaken by political events - and they are shaken with fever. For this reason, they take out the "Irish connection". You better get an Irish whiskey, it helps more for the nerves.

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