Frognews defends Gebrev, uses fakes against Peevski

Frognews, the website of Ognyan Stefanov, agent of the communist State Security Service, has again mounted the barricades to defend the interests of his financial benefactor Tsvetan Vassilev and his pawn Emiliyan Gebrev.

From the start of the year, the banker hiding from justice abroad and his minions have been facing a serious crisis – the affair of arms dealer Emiliyan Gebrev who wants to lay hands on Dunarit munitions plant may well fail. Within the last five years, the plant has become something like a private ATM for Vassilev, it guaranteed fresh money flows for paying his “refuge” abroad. Apart from that it was the main source of funds which the fugitive banker pays to his expensive lackeys – lawyers, journalists and lobbyists - who defend his interests in Bulgaria and abroad.  

This is the reason why it is so important to Vassilev to keep hold of the plant through his own circle of figureheads. This is exactly the case with Gebrev who is currently the man of the fugitive banker in Dunarit. At the same time, however, the arms dealer is just about to let the plant slip between his fingers because only about a month ago the Supreme Administrative Court sent back to the Commission for Protection of Competition the ruling which allows to Gebrev’s company EMKO to acquire Dunarit. The supreme magistrates are adamant that the anti-trust commission has to revise its analysis and to decide whether the merger of two companies runs counter to law.   

In this event, Vassilev who is scared of losing his private ATM for good resorted to his usual approach for problem solution – painting his enemy blacker than the devil. Would you make a wild guess who is the enemy in this case? Naturally it is Delyan Peevski, the MP and publisher of Telegraph Media and the eternal foe of all the backstage players in Bulgaria. That is why the lion’s share of content in the media sustained by oligarchs in Bulgaria is focused on marring Peevski’s reputation. Whenever any of the oligarchs has an issue, following a long established tradition they put a finger on Peevski who is always the culprit. Because the legislative initiatives of Peevski and his revelations in the media very often allow to forestall various criminal deeds of the behind-the-scenes clique in Bulgaria.  


What did the site lie about?

In an extensive article titled Viafot,  in which the name of Peevski is involved, it is alleged that he wants to lay hands on Dunarit and EMKO the website of Ognyan Stefanov tries to impute to the lawmaker the non-existent ties with all kinds of companies and even judges. Already several years ago Peevki said flat that he has no interest in participating in companies which are connected with the defence industry. And the fact that to this day the MP was not a stakeholder in such companies can be readily checked out in the trade registers of this country. Despite that, Frognews was tasked with tarnishing Peevski and any facts and evidence would only prevent them from fulfilling their task. That is why this media outlet refuses to write texts based on true facts and prefers to concoct tall stories.

And the material abounds in tall stories. Starting fron the fact that Gebrev was introduced as “owner” of Dunarit and ending with the lie that Peevski is playing some illogical game with the State, once helping it, once plundering it. The facts, however, show something completely different. First of all, who is Emiliyan Gebrev? Surely he is not the owner of Dunarit and, despite his numerous attempts to get hold of the plant he is not the owner of the arms manufacturer.       

At the same time Gebrev is the man who is trying to lay hands on the munitions plant despite distrains imposed by the State and do it to his own benefit and, in all probability, to the benefit of Tsvetan Vassilev and his Russian benefactors. It is noteworthy that in terms of facts and chronology Gebrev entered the Dunarit picture when the enterprise was blocked by the State, CorpBank and a some creditors while Vassilev was hiding away from the Bulgarian juridical system in Serbia. All these facts are common knowledge now. Despite that Gebrev strikes a criminal deal aimed at stealing Duarit under the very nose of the State and the plant’s creditors. Later he would explain before media that he was unaware there were problems with the plant, because Vassilev was the man who walked the red carpet years ago. Gebrev’s clumsy excuse only aims to depreciate the fact that even now Dunarit is of paramount importance to Vassilev.       

This is the reason why he is so much concerned that somebody can snatch it from him. Can you figure out who this can be? The State, of course! It is the key creditor of CorpBank to which Dunarit owes about BGN 200m. And, as long as Vassilev doesn’t want to pay off these debts along with the remaining BGN 5bn, he now is staging a circus performance in his satellite media trying to prove that there were “private interests” in the ammunitions plant. Now it is time to mention Peevski again. It was him who together with his colleagues Hamid Hamid and Yordan Tsonev moved the amendments to the Bank Insolvency Act, so now the State has the right to demand restoration of the plundered billions and forstall the ongoing secondary looting of assets bought with the CorpBank money        


What is the truth which the Vassilev’s entourage hushes up?

In total, the debt of Dunarit and its related group of companies to the bank, made bankrupt by Vassilev,  runs at BGN 200m. Paid off are about BGN 50m transferred by Viafort to other company which later re-transfers the sum to CorpBank as early as the summer of 2017. This clearly shows that Viafot  has nothing in common with the Viafort case and has never has anything in common with the ownership of the munitions plant. In conclusion, the debts are paid off to the last creditor DKK by Dunarit by not by Gebrev. Apropos, the association itself is quite sustainable and it makes I such juicy morsel for Vassilev and the arms dealer – its market price is estimated at about BGN 160m and the net profit is over BGN 35m.

Summarised, the situation looks as follows: after the tandem of Vssilev and Gebrev has syphoned off billions from CorpBank they tried to steal the golden assets financed by the bank. Currently, the key creditor of CorpBank if the State which provide provided multi-million loan to make it possible to the insurance fund to settle the accounts with the defrauded depositors of CorpBank.

That is why it would be most logical to assume that the State will restore the overdue debts amounting to BGN 200m of the Dunrit group to CorpBank and take control over the plant until it is sold. Other solutions would be similar to a plunder in full daylight. Not that it is something new to Vassilev who is behind the entire Dunarit affair. He is still keeping hands on the assets worth of hundreds of millions bought with the money of the bankrupt bank.

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