Frognews croaks fakes against Peevski nonstop

Within the last 12 hours, Frognews, the website of Agent Academician has released a total of four fakes. Unprecedented activity of the media “battering ram” logoed with the bankrupt CorpBank was appreciated by the sponsor of this site – fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev who personally circulated one of the fake news.

This marathon kicked off in the late hours of 7 March with a demonstrative show, just like the creation of a classical fake requires. In something like a paskquil thought up in a pang of insomnia or alcoholic delirium the site set up by the State Security agent has ‘spoken out’ first on behalf of the honourable president of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms Ahmed Dogan and then retranslated it in a quite schizophrenic manner involving the name of MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.

These people are day dreaming about some millions coming from cigarettes contraband, plants, printing houses and the CorpBank assets.  Sense of humor is not something that the agents of the communist State Security can boast of, so the text actually smacks of bad morals. Evidently aware of its previous late-time “deeds”, in the morning the site swallowed the fantastic story titled Peevski and Dogan give BGN 8m out of their pockets to pay off the taxes of a mufti and ask for a new “portion of lies, this time as a follow-up of the theme promoted by the Capital newspaper and other five online pull-outs which attacked the Peevski Act.

In a beaten style the authors of these lampoons and their associates have promoted a thesis that the government will shoot off the “wrong” media under Peevski Act. But, in a pang of tender conscience the author makes confession that this time there is no such specification. Probably because this particular fake style is a common thread in the site of Agent Academician where you can hardly find information which is not manipulated, rewritten or just made-up in the most unscrupulous way.

The crisis of the genre of the Bulgarian Madoff’s minions led to a situation when they post Facebook articles guised as authors’ materials and news thus giving the floor to other State Security agents, such as agent Sasho and other media busy bees who service the fugitive banker. Being too impotent to produce one more fake against Peevski the Frognews choir just copies the next in a row lie involving FBI. This time the alleged source is the semi-anonymous site, which evidently is asking for money.

It is apparent that the site is spewing lies to cater to the interests of its sponsor who pays them with the money stolen form CorpBank depositors. It is quite understandable that they do not want transparency when it comes to their financial sources, they just don’t want their dependencies to transpire in ledgers. However, it is ridiculous and noxious that the site created by Agent Academician should talk about money and morals. Frognews has obviously been a press center for a fugitive banker  and his fosterling Ognyan Stefanov who is someone like his private PR agent.

The fakes aimed against Delyan Peevski within the last two years number over 1,000. The State Security agent is faithful to his sponsor and doesn’t want to give account for the money which comes to him in envelopes. In July 2017 it transpired that Stefanov was charged with tax crimes – tax evasion. The prosecution is probing into him because of another big affair – bankruptcy of Tornado newspaper.  

Today’s lampoonist pretending to be the pillar of morals has virtually thrown out journalists to the street and pocketed their wages. He has learnt his lessons and now he prefers to keep on payroll only a couple of loyal fakes’ producers for whom fair journalism is just something like wild goose chase. Copy-pasting posts from Facebook and posting all kinds of fictitious sites is at least free of charge.

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