Frognews admits: Peevski is honest and not corrupt

Now it’s time to tell the truth about their sponsor, fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev

Delyan Peevski

With the advent of spring many people start suffering from serious psyche problems. This scientific thesis is best illustrated by the behaviour of Frognews site and its publisher, former agent of the communist State Security whose nexus with the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev has long been proven.

Since the spring broke in Bulgaria this boutique website started practicing in writing parodies and lampoons aimed against the sworn enemies of their puppeteer Tsvetan Vassilev. It is quite expected that among the targets of the aspiring lampoonists there will be MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. The name of the lawmaker for years now has been a nightmare for the behind-the-scenes political and economic clique in Bulgaria as he brings to light their shady deals via his legislative initiatives. Quite expectedly he is one of the most hated persons among the oligarchs and their minions.

However, in their latest attempt to apple-polish their boss the Frognews team made a Freudian slip admitting that Peevski is a clean and uncorrupt politician. The text undersigned by regular contributor to the site, Dimitar Popkutev (for whom there are serious doubts that Ognyan Stefanov himself is hiding behind this penname which he uses to report to the boss about the services rendered without being held accountable for the lies he is forced to write – Ed.’s note) is the next in a row attempt at writing a topical satire or maybe a pamphlet which, however, came out as a lame parody. Its author makes desperate attempts to be sarcastic calling Peevski “smart, honest, uncorrupt, handsome, daring and ingenious person who rose to wealth through his own labour” but the sneer is at the expense of the writer. Because after so many audits and inspections by whom not and after thousands of anonymous reports it has become clear that Peevski is beyond suspicion, it has been proven that he is not corrupt and is a clear politician. This is rare, hard to come by breed in Bulgaria which the voters in this country really love and support. Because, in contrast to the political parties’ offspring of the oligarchy Peevski has run at the Bulgarian and EU elections not once and always won by landslide. His results cannot compare with those of the wrecks of the oligarchic parties posing as Bulgaria’s right wing.

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