French government expands the coronavirus red zone with 13 more departments

Photo: EPA People wearing protective face wait at a bust stop in Bordeaux, 18 September.

The French government this weekend added another 13 departments to its list of 42 red zones, where the local authorities would have extra powers to curb the spread of coronavirus, news wires reported.

The ruling strategy since the end of lockdown has been to avoid nationwide blanket measures and instead entrust local authorities with the power to take the best decisions adapted to their area.

Local authorities in several hotspot areas have issued rules such as closing bars earlier than usual, reintroducing the threshold of a maximum of 10 people in gatherings in public parks, gardens and beaches and so on.

Generally each red zone should have recorded more than 50 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days, but the government also looks as other factors such as pressure on hospitals in the area and geographic proximity to other hard-hit areas.


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