Free Europe’s fabrications and Delyan Peevski’s fault

Photo: BNR Ivan Bedrov

Radio Free Europe’s job is not to defame public figures and institutions. It is not, but that is exactly what the Bulgarian desk of this media outlet is doing. Systematically and purposefully at that. Almost with conviction. But even the worst expectations for this (anti)Bulgarian branch of this otherwise well-respected radio station could not have foreseen the recent brutal admission of disregard for journalistic principles on its part.

And from the director of the outlet in question, Ivan Bedrov, no less. Someone who has demonstrated on multiple occasions that he is biased, one-sided, partial and manipulative in his work.

Perhaps we could have spared him these qualifications. After all, they are made self-evident by every line of text written over the years by this scribbler loyal to the oligarchic publisher Ivo Prokopiev. Bedrov and company have accused us of every sin known to mankind without giving us the chance to defend ourselves. That is especially true when they make up things about a particular highly manipulated press ranking, for which none of us have ever been interviewed or surveyed. And yet, we were stunned to discover that Bedrov and his fellow Free Europe journalist Boris Mitov, who tried to libel a female prosecutor and in the process forced the Prosecutor’s Office to respond, have expressed pretty interesting views about how they should do their job. In a joint article, the two essentially condemn Delyan Peevski’s media outlets for covering the objective truth. We would advise them to give it a try some time, when their almighty publisher forgets to send them his talking points for the day. The same publisher who found it appropriate to pledge the editorial policy of his publications as collateral for a loan.

But let us examine the specific accusations against us - that we convey the Prosecutor’s Office’s statements in their entirety. And how do our Free Europe colleagues suggest that we report the facts? Distorted, taken out of context, by inserting our interpretations or insinuations? Just like they are doing it? If Free Europe considers making things up practicing independent journalism, let them make more of these inadvertent confessions. Not that we are not already aware how Bedrov, Staykov and the rest of the Capital circle’s minions work. But it is nice hearing it from their own mouth - that they fabricate things and abuse facts by not reporting them in their entirety.

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