Covid-19: France will cover costs of all PCR tests, even with no prescription

Health Minister Olivier Veran

The French government announced on Sunday it will cover the costs of all coronavirus PCR tests, even for those patients who have no symptoms or prescription from the doctors. All PCR tests, which determine if a patient is infected with Covid-19, will now be fully reimbursed in France, news wires reported.

Health Minister Olivier Veran said the move would allow members of the pubic to get to be reimbursed for the cost of a test even if they had no symptoms or a prescription from the doctor.

 Up until now the there have been three main paths to testing in France - through a prescription from your doctor, through the track and trace programme or at a walk-in centre. People who have organised their own tests have not been covered for the cost but that will change now.

France is trying to step up the number of tests carried out in a bid to help tackle a recent increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the country.In recent days the number of daily cases has topped 1,000 with health chiefs imploring the public to reimpose a "collective discipline".

 "We cannot speak of a second wave but one thing for certain is that we have seen the number of positive cases rising sharply in recent days, whereas it had been declining for thirteen weeks," Veran told Le Parisien newspaper.


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