France eMotion on the Lover's Bridge in Sofia

Open-air exhibition displays 35 monuments of French cultural heritage

Photo: Chateauduclosuce(c)ISHOLA AKPO/Atout France

The exhibition France eMotion will be on display 28 June - 12 July at the Lover's Bridge open-air gallery located by the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, the French Institute announced Wednesday.

According to the release, the exhibition is a unique creative experience, a blend of photography and digital animation, which will take viewers on a captivating journey through the extraordinary wealth of France's cultural heritage.

Four international photographers - Ishola Akpo (Benin), Edu Monteiro (Brazil), David Schalliol (US) and Lourdes Segade (Spain) - travelled through different areas of France, taking pictures of 35 monuments of cultural heritage. To breathe life into the images, French artists Julie Chheng and Thomas Pons came up with an animated character that changes form as it moves through the images, a touch of augmented reality that can be viewed with the help of a mobile application.

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