Ford opts to resume donations to parties and politicians

Photo: AP

The popular US carmaker Ford announced it had decided to resume its policy to finance political parties and politicians, Reuters reported. Ford will not rule out donations to those lawmakers who voted on 6 January against certifying President Joe Biden’s election win.

Ford was among many other firms that suspended political donations earlier this year pending a review, including some that opted to halt all donations to the 147 House and Senate members who voted against Biden’s certification, including Walmart Inc, Marriott Inc, AT&T,, Comcast and American Express. In the letter seen by Reuters, Ford said its political action committee (PAC) was resuming donations to lawmakers effective from 1 April, and had opted against imposing a blanket ban on the Republican lawmakers who voted against certification.

In the letter to company employees donating to its PAC, Chief Government Relations Officer Mitch Bainwol said Ford would strengthen principles it used for supporting candidates “by adding a new principle related to ‘public service and integrity.’” Bainwol added that the candidates Ford supports must “demonstrate public service consistent with building trust and acting with competence, integrity and serving others.” Ford noted it and the industry “are in a period of massive disruption that is deeply connected with policy issues. Participation in the political process has been a constant over our 118-year history and is central to navigating Ford’s global priorities in a world of competitive voices.”

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