Final local elections outcome: Ruling GERB party wins 9 regional capitals

Photo: BTA CEC Spokesperson Alexander Andreev

Pursuant to 100 per cent processed tally sheets from the November 3 local election run-offs by the Central Election Commission (CEC), the ruling GERB party wins nine regional capitals, the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), four, and coalitions and independent runners win five. Run-off elections were held in 18 regional capitals, including the capital Sofia.

Second-round voting was also held for many borough mayors in Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna, as well as in smaller municipalities across the country.
The final results show that the margin for the mayoral post in Sofia between GERB's Yordanka Fandakova and independent runner backed by the BSP Maya Manolova was 4.85 per cent in Fandakova's favour. Fandakova won 49.98 per cent of the votes, while Manolova got 45.13 per cent.
Voter turnout as at 3.30 pm local time ion Sunday was 35.8 per cent. The final voter turnout figure is expected to be announced later on Monday.
CEC Spokesperson Alexander Andreev told journalists that eligible voters in the local elections in Sofia totalled 1,064,705 people and not 1,165,955. The larger number has been provided by the regional administration and most likely concerns a technical error. It refers to the 2017 general elections. The accurate number has been provided by the municipal election commission based on voter registers of the sectional election commissions, said Andreev.
The information comes against the background of suspicions in the fairness of the election process in Sofia and comments on social media that 100,000 voters disappeared from the voter registers in Sofia between the two rounds of voting.
The same case occurred in Pleven as well, said Andreev.

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