Figure 1.A. - the art of science

Little Bird Place Gallery presents in Sofia the first international exhibition of images from scientific research projects

Figure 1.A. is a non-governmental organisation based in Switzerland - a team of scientists and artists who have been organising exhibitions for five years, revealing the aesthetic appeal of science and scientific exploration. Behind the initiative lies a concrete mission - creating conditions for light and open-minded communication between the public and the sciences, which overcomes the distance caused by the specific processes and knowledge that accompany each scientific field.

To achieve this, the team selects images from the research of scientists from many world universities - people dedicated to some of the most important topics and trends in modern science. However, these images are not just a formal reading of an event or a process. Their visual presence comfortably falls into the category of fine arts. The feeling of originality and creativity, caused by the unusual interactions between shapes, planes and colours, turns them into works of art with distinctive artistic value. Works that embody the hidden scientific dimensions of reality.

Good scientists and good artists share a close worldview. At the heart of their intention we will find open-mindedness, unconventional perception, innovation, a high propensity for experimentation, a desire and passion to overcome all limitations that restrict us from deeper understanding of matter and spirit. That is why science and art are a manifestation of some of the highest human aspirations. The project Figure 1.A. unites these two areas of human activity through a non-traditional and especially original perspective, which allows us to get closer to the scientific realms, enjoying a memorable visual journey.

This is the first international exhibition of the collective, it is hosted by Little Bird Place Gallery in partnership with the platform for contemporary art and culture Art and Culture Today. The exposition consists of some of the best images presented so far in the five-year history of the initiative.

The exhibition can be seen from 23 June to 7 July.

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