Fantasy genre journalism: Nothing for Delyan Peevski? We will make it up!

"Well, I don't know about the protests abroad ... but I'll make it up!" Do you remember this winged blunder of the lover of protests and indicted oligarchs - the journalist from Bozhkov TV, as bTV became known, Kanna Racheva? In fact, "I'll make it up" is not just a talk or a blunder, it is a diagnosis. Of a whole guard of court freelance journalists serving the behind-the-scenes propaganda and manipulation machine of the same indicted oligarchs. The evidence is so much that, as in the old joke about the cops, we do not longer dare to open our fridge - a former State Security agent not to jump out from there.

To resume our subject, in this avalanche of fake news and slanders we are constantly flooded, it is clear that similar to the Russian propaganda, its derivative Bulgarian one - Prokopiev style, has its own recipes. Different components are there, but the same main ingredient - the main enemy of this whole rabble of backstage players and their court pawns, who are trying to keep the whole society captive to the manipulations - the MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.

Recipe №1: No facts? Just make them up!

Example - in collaboration with

"This type of disinformation is just making up stories," the East StratCom Force, a group that tracked propaganda with Russian origin in the European media, made a diagnosis four years ago. The same unit also described the recipes for mixing up disinformation, which the sites spewing fake news follow. The blunder of the journalist from Bozhkov TV simply showed what we have been warning about for a long time - that the mainstream media machine of behind-the-scenes clique irradiates the public space both in Bulgaria and abroad with manipulations, which are "cooked" according to the Russian matrix. The most recent example is from today, when the website with dubious funding and more dubious cleanliness created a real fantasy based on this recipe, which was reprinted at the speed of light from another similar website - "Peevski purchased houses for PM Boyko Borissov and Mavrodiev in Halkidiki because of their merits in the CorpBank bankruptcy," the two "editions" said. What is the source? An anonymous journalist from Bozhkov TV, who sent a letter to that a former MP of the National Movement for Stability and Progress Dimitar Lambovski was supposed to visit them in the morning programme to tell them about these things, but he never did. Evidence? Equals to zero. On account of the facts proving that we are talking exactly about insinuation based on a recipe №1. They are like a whole avalanche.

Let's put aside the fact that the term "anonymous source - journalist" is an oxymoron, known only in propaganda, but the name of Lambovski has not been announced at all to be a guest of Bozhkov TV in the recent weeks. In contrast, it emerged from the tragicomic live of Prokopiev's former justice minister and current strawman leader of his party Yes, Bulgaria, Hristo Ivanov, that gave birth to the Madzho scandal and Pinocchio's strong-headed attempt to hide from the topic about the former protection racket group SIC’s founder and current banker.  Enough for the sources of this fantasy. As for the other components of the manipulation - they are just a mix of chewed thousands of times old talking points of the oligarchy mainstream, also refuted thousands of times by the facts themselves. For example, the bankruptcy of CorpBank, with which Peevski has nothing to do, unlike the favourite of both editions fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, who drained billions from the financial pyramid and fled abroad to fund such writings. Nor with the purchase of houses in Halkidiki, let alone in the name of Mavrodiev or Borissov, with whom the lawmaker from the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms also has nothing to do. On the other hand, it was recently revealed that the socialist leader Kornelia Ninova, for example, who presents the main spokesperson of the already listed indicted oligarchs, is a proud owner through some proxies - senior party members, of a hotel for tens of millions on this same peninsula. This revelation was made by Telegraph outlet, about which you will not find a word in the already mentioned two editions. Why?

In fact, Delyan Peevski has to do with a whole series of legislative initiatives, which put a spoke in the wheels of both the oligarchs trying to drain all the resources of the state and their mainstream media machine, through which they flood us with their propaganda. For example, it is on his initiative that all editions in our country, including online media, must declare their sources of financing every year. Do you think that and have done it? The question is rhetorical. The answer is in the Ministry of Culture register, where there is no trace of these so-called media. We are sure that he has nothing to do with funding under the table of accused and indicted oligarchs, who are flooding their enemies with outright lies.

Recipe №2: Take a piece of truth and add a spoonful of imagination

Example: Pinocchio&Co

Here we cannot even list the media that took part in the ridiculous attempt of Prokopiev' former minister of justice, known as Pinocchio not by accident, to slur over his ties not only with the oligarchy but also with the racket groups. It is difficult also, to list the different versions he gave about the scandal with Madzho through which he actually exposed himself. Not only himself, but also his partner in the conversation and in the behind-the-scenes scenarios Dimitar Lambovski, whom he firstly put in the category "acquaintance", then "thug", and finally "source". On the other hand, the imagination he put into these manipulations went far beyond the spoonful recommended in the Russian recipe. Thus, Hristo Ivanov, trying to get rid of the overhanging SIC group shadow, tried to pin it in old way to whom, do you think? Surely to Delyan Peevski. Apparently hoping that people will swallow this bait as well. But he remained with his hopes, because both his live and his own reaction of a thief caught in the act showed the truth unequivocally enough.

Recipe №3: Leave the truth in the freezer

Example: Hristo Ivanov, the GMO party Yes, Bulgaria and the entire mainstream media machine of Prokopiev

One of the most picturesque places on the Southern Black Sea coast – Budjaka area, has been occupied for years by the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, his associates and court journalists. Moreover, after they purchased it at grocery low prices - for 50 stotinki to 2 levs per square meter. The local residents of Sozopol have also been protesting for years against their palaces, which illegally block constitutionally free access to both the rocks and the sea. Only a few weeks ago, the Prosecutor's Office listed a number of violations of the legislation along the beach to the south, the most shocking of which turned out to be Ivo Prokopiev's palace, which pollutes the sea with its wastewater on top of all that. But for the heroic "fighter against lawlessness" Pinocchio, this topic does not exist. The same is for the mainstream media, funded by him and his fellow oligarchs. And here we are not talking only about Capital circle, as one of its court journalists - Yovo Nikolov also built a palace in Budjaka area with money that no one knows from where, which blocked the access to the beach. Nor for Dnevnik - the other edition, which is officially in Prokopiev's group. We are talking about dozens of other known and unknown media, including Bozhkov TV. Just like in the third recipe described by East StratCom Force - disinformation that leaves the truth in the freezer.

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