Fake news stokes protests

Oligarchy puts its most well-tested weapon to use

Indicted oligarchs and their political GMO projects trying to ride the wave of protests have put their most well-tested weapon to use – fake news. The puppets Hristo Ivanov, Radan Kanev, Maya Manolova, Kostadin Kostadinov (aka Kostya Kopeckin), Ivo Mirchev and other comrades who like to pocket rubles have activated their trolling network and are now spewing fake news every half hour. The goal is to stoke the flames of public discontent to the point where regular people will not have the chance to ask who is actually on the front lines of the ongoing protests against the state.

The first fake news item was released during the weekend and alleged that two young men were beaten badly at the protests and that one of them died of his wounds. Prof. Asen Baltov, the head of the Pirogov emergency center in Sofia, was forced to disprove the “report”. He said that the hospital had not treated any beaten protesters in critical state. On Sunday he announced that the patient that was alleged to have died actually left the hospital of his own volition after signing discharge papers. So here comes Radan Kanev, long-time minion of former PM Ivan Kostov, aka the Commander. The failed leader of Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria (DSB), who got a comfortable position in Brussels, wrote on Facebook that the police were preparing to use water cannons against protesters.

It is no coincidence that the trolling network of the oligarchy has moved to action – on Monday Tsvetomir Naydenov, the head of Efbet and lead witness in the case against fugitive oligarch Vasil “the Skull” Bozhkov, published the “price-list” of El Chapo, as Bozhkov has been dubbed. At the start of the protests it emerged that the oligarch had paid serious money to make sure that blood is spilt on the streets.

“The bonus programme of Vasil “the Skull” Bozhkov for the week of protests: Monday – New Protester bonus of BGN 50 for every new arrival in the protester ranks. Tuesday – Bring a Friend bonus of BGN 30 for everyone who brings a new face to the protest. Wednesday – Ladies’ Night bonus of BGN 50 for every lady in attendance. Thursday – Kamikaze bonus of BGN 500 for anyone who gets into an altercation with the law enforcement. Friday – New Pirogov Client bonus of BGN 1,500 for anyone who gets into the emergency room of the hospital after fighting the police. Saturday – Corona Party bonus of BGN 100 for anyone with a positive coronavirus PCR test who attends the protest and infects at least 25 people. Sunday – Skull Forever bonus of BGN 50 for anyone wearing a black Philipp Plein t-shirt! Gangsters out! Skull in!” Naydenov wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile media reports revealed that the puppet of the kaolin king Ivo Prokopiev – Hristo Ivanov, who tries to pass as a rightwing politician – and the leader of the pro-Russian organisation Revival Kostadin Kostadinov, who has direct ties to the Kremlin, started plotting joint action against the cabinet of Boyko Borissov back in the autumn of 2019. According to the unconfirmed information, during the runoff local elections in Varna supporters of Yes, Bulgaria and Democratic Bulgaria took to social media to urge their base to unite against GERB’s mayoral candidate Ivan Portnih and vote to elect the incumbent mayor’s opponent. Kostadin Kostadinov, who people in Varna call Kopeckin because of suspected Russian funding for his campaign, got to the second round of the local elections where he was defeated by Portnih.

At the time, Yes, Bulgaria and Revival discussed similar joint action in other cities of the country. Among the coordinators was Desislava Ivancheva – former mayor of the Mladost district in Sofia. Her ensuing conviction of corruption, which has been upheld by two courts of different instances so far, has probably rendered her support for the united front against Borissov unpalatable and ineffective because Ivancheva has not been particularly active over the past few months. Hristo Ivanov and Kostadin Kostadinov have had several organisational meetings since the local elections, which were attended by Gen. Atanas Atanasov, leader of Democratic Bulgaria. MEP representing Democratic Bulgaria Radan Kanev served as intermediary for the expansion of the rightwing nationalist circle. Kostadinov and Kanev have known each other since before they got into politics, which helped with communications.

Radev reveals his ties to Capital circle

Yet another controversial appointment to the presidential administration is the latest proof of President Rumen Radev’s ties to the Capital circle controlled by indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev trying to destabilise the state. The ties were illuminated over the past few days of protests inspired by Radev, supported by the oligarchic circle in Bulgaria (led by gambling tzar Vasil Bozhkov, who faces 18 felony charges, Ivo Prokpiev and his mainstream media machine) and skillfully served by the failed former justice minister Hristo Ivanov.

According to the president’s official website, Radev has appointed Ivanka Ivanova, long-time senior official at George Soros’s Open Society foundation, as his full-time advisor. Naturally, this made former Radev advisor Borislav Tsekov unhappy.

“President Radev recently appointed the face of the Soros society of legal minds in Bulgaria Ivanka Ivanova as his full-time legal advisor. Her only professional experience in the field is heading the Legal Programme of Open Society from 2004 until 2020,” he wrote, adding that she was at the root of or participated in “all Soros-favouring opinions in support of the gender ideology, the war on the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, the engineering of a ‘Macedonian’ minority in Bulgaria and everything else on the Soros agenda”. “Such appointments will not get him far. Rock bottom!” Tsekov finished.

Leftist provocation: Annual rally to be moved to downtown Sofia

The executive booad of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has agreed to move the annual BSP fair from Buzludzha Peak to the yellow cobblestone streets in downtown Sofia in yet another provocation against the government, revealed a social media post by BSP leader Kornelia Ninova.

“Today, 13 July 2020, the Executive Board of the BSP made the decision to hold its traditional Buzludzha rally on 25 July 2020 outside the Council of Ministers building in Sofia. Together we, socialists and supporters of the party from around the country, are going to protest against the mafia at the helm of the country and call for justice,” Ninova wrote.

Earlier, the BSP publicly confirmed its union with the indicted oligarchs and the fugitive Vasil Bozhkov against the state when Ninova called on BSP members to join the protests.  

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