Failed former justice minister Hristo Ivanov stands in support of indicted Bozhkov

Hristo Ivanov

The failed former justice minister Hristo Ivanov has yet again used a Facebook post to stand in support of the indicted oligarch Vasil Bozhkov by hurling a bunch of false allegations in the direction of PM Boyko Borissov. For years, Ivanov has been working to keep the monitoring for Bulgaria in place as an instrument to exert pressure on the government to the benefit of the oligarchic interests he serves.

Ivanov is a product of the two indicted oligarchs Tsvetan Vassilev and Ivo Prokopiev and their mentor, former PM Ivan Kostov. Before even thinking about giving advice to the premier, Ivanov better say whether the signatures on several scrutinised documents from his time as a minister of justice are fake or not. While in office, Ivanov was also caught lobbying in Brussels against the scrapping of the monitoring mechanism for Bulgaria and generally acting against the interest of his country. In that sense, he has no moral higher ground to stand on and give advice to the premier about the actions the latter should take.     

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