Facts against “facts” about Delyan Peevski

Why there is no quarantine for the convenient smart alecks of mainstream?

Delyan Peevski

When the mouthpieces of the mainstream fail to think up new lies about lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski they resort to floating the old ones and interpreting them as “facts”. The only thing they have to do for it is to take out from a drawer some smart aleck who is seeking cheap fame. Or maybe not so cheap.

This is the tactics employed by a number of websites inhabiting the internet space – populism, sensations and lies. Facts don’t matter to them. Even if “facts” is the name of the site. In the days when it transpires who helps to grapple with the coronavirus in earnest and who only takes advantage of the theme in order to reap some dividends the negligible site fakti.bg didn’t break with this tradition and launched a nefarious attack against one of the most generous donors in Bulgaria who, by the way, has never made a display of his generosity.  What makes Rosen Milenov so interesting that he was invited as a talker to the sites “studio”? And in what capacity was he talking? As a former officer of the National Revenue Agency (that’s how he was introduced for greater show)?  Or as an organiser of protest rallies? Hardly so. Even in the days when many people opted for self-isolation because of the contagion, the protests staged by this grumbler and smart aleck gathered only a handful of loafers who kept 10-metre distance from each other to look like a mass rally. We don’t know what this man does to make a living when he is not instigating protests among his mediocre environment and is not touring one and the same sites and cable TVs only to speak in platitudes pouring forth “wise thoughts” and philosophising on his favourite topics – civil disobedience, genocide, Peevski and again civil disobedience…  May the money he makes by the sweat of his brow be cleaner than his intentions. But it can hardly be true.

Everything boils down to ethics and personal example. Such as the examples set by thousands of donors nationwide – people donate as much as they can. Because in times of imminent peril we can survive only if we stand together. If we are positive and stop mumbling about how responsible we are in principle but…

May the “libertarians” of all trades play patience and forecast all sorts of events bringing far-fetched and even contradictory arguments. May the pen-pushers of all sorts working for yellow press who don’t want to take off dark glasses covering their cheeky look pose as editors. And may it be on their conscience that instead of giving help they put spokes in our wheel instilling fear and sense of impending doom. In such moments lies transpire behind masks and all false virtues crumble. Because the virus of hatred hits first all those who deliberately spread it in the public space. Unfortunately there is no quarantine nor self-isolation for the smart alecks so convenient for the mainstream. Otherwise they could realise what are the real priorities in life and where their deadly hate may bring them.

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