Facemasks mandatory at pharmacies as well, no mass celebrations until 30 June

Bulgarian Health Minister Kiril Ananiev has issued four orders which set out the new rules and measures in connection with the coronavirus. They will be valid until the end of the epidemic emergency - 30 June. Initially, the mandatory wearing of protective masks had to remain only in public transport. Kiril Ananiev's order states now that we must wear personal protective equipment at pharmacies and hospitals too. Wearing facemasks remains recommended in all other public venues, especially outdoors.

Another order restricts indoors mass celebrations for over 10 persons. Weddings, balls and christenings will also be prohibited at least until the end of June. Discos, piano bars and nightclubs will not be able to open during this period too. However, the same order allows holding of outdoor and indoor sports events, if the seating capacity is occupied up to 50%. Spectators must leave at least one seat empty on both sides or keep a distance of 1.5 metres, though. The same requirement will apply to conducting congresses, conferences, seminars and exhibitions, as well as cultural and entertainment events - theatrical performances, concerts and stage events.

As for the entry into Bulgaria - all citizens of Sweden, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal and the Netherlands, as well as citizens of third countries with the exception of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, will be quarantined for a period of 14 days.

The fourth order shortens the period of home quarantine for patients diagnosed with coronavirus after their discharge from hospital. Until now, they had to remain in isolation for a period of 28 days. According to the new order, after their discharge from a medical institution, patients will have to stay at home for only 14 days of mandatory isolation but only after one negative result of a PCR test.

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