Face masks compulsory from 6 years old on European flights

Children 6 and over and all adults will have to wear face masks on all European flights after EU transport ministers agreed new security measures to battle the spread of coronavirus.

EU Transport Ministers have reached agreement on health measures imposed on board aircraft flying over the continent. In particular, the wearing of masks will be compulsory from the age of 6, German Minister Andreas Scheuer announced on Thursday.

Other measures agreed during the video conference meeting include the obligation to disinfect aircraft more often, to improve passenger information and to enforce safe distances, even if this results in long queues.

Most airlines already make it mandatory for passengers to wear face masks while boarding planes and whilst on board the aircraft, but children have often been exempt.

Masks are also compulsory in many airports including in France, which made the coverings obligatory in all public indoor spaces for anyone aged over 11. Airlines issue strict rules on wearing masks and warn passengers they will be refused entry to planes if they do not comply.

To ensure full safety whilst wearing a mask, airline easyJet says masks should be replaced every four hours.

A statement on the website said: "Protective face masks should typically be replaced every four hours, or if they become wet or soiled, so please ensure that you have an adequate supply for you and anyone else travelling with you for the entire duration of your journey."

European countries are battling to prevent a resurgence of coronavirus cases with countries like Spain, France and Belgium all seeing a rise in cases in recent days.

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