F-16 will make Bulgarian Air Force interoperable with NATO for decades to come

James Robinson

F-16 Block 70 fighter jets guarantee Bulgaria’s interoperability with NATO air force for decades ahead. This is specified in the stand of the global security and airspace company Lockheed Martin voiced on the occasion of the progress made in the selection procedure of new aircraft for the Bulgarian Air Force.

On the eve of Christmas it became clear that the working group comprising the military and politicians considered the bids for purchasing new fighter jets and recommended to start negotiations with the US for the acquisition of F-16. “Bulgaria, which is making progress in F-16 Block 70 acquisition, may be sure that the country will have enhanced and modern fighter jet system which for decades will guarantee interoperability within the framework of configuration of hundreds of aircraft shared by air forces of many NATO states,” explained James Robinson, International Business Development Director for the F-16 Programme at Lockheed Martin.

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