Expert group on quality in investment in schooling holds first meeting

The goal is building stronger, more resilient, and equitable education and training systems

Photo: EU The Expert group held its first meeting, with participation of Mariya Gabriel (Up L) and Prof Gabrielle Fack (Up R).

The quality of teachers and trainers, education infrastructure and digital education is the main focus of the new Expert group on quality in investment in education and training, which held its first meeting on Tuesday.

The group, launched by Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth in February 2021, has to identify policies that can effectively boost education and training outcomes as well as inclusiveness and efficiency of spending.

In the work of the group are taking part 15 experts, selected from almost 200 applicants. It is chaired by Prof Gabrielle Fack from Paris Dauphine University, who has with longstanding experience in the economics of education, who will guide the experts’ discussions and work over the upcoming months.

Commissioner Gabriel commented that the Covid-19 pandemic has shown how critical teachers, schools and universities are to the society. Today, we have the chance of rethinking the EU's education and training sector, and put it back at the core of our economies and societies, she stated noting that is needed clarity and solid evidence on how to best invest in education.

The Commissioner said as well that she is confident that this expert group will help the Commission and the Member States to build stronger, more resilient and more equitable education and training systems than before.

The group’s evidence-based evaluation will help the Commission and Member States to find innovative, smart solutions to current educational challenge  when it comes to teachers and trainers, education infrastructure and digital education.

Each of the three areas will cover all levels of education and training, from early childhood education and care to adult education.

This work is key to achieve a sustainable recovery and complete the transition towards a green and digital Europe. The expert group was set out in the Communication on Achieving the European Education Area by 2025 to maintain focus on national and regional investment and improve their effectiveness.

The Expert group will present an interim report at the end of 2021 and a final report at the end of 2022.

In the current 7-year programme period, the EU will channel more funds than ever into education and training, amongst others through the Recovery and Resilience Facility. It will set up major support to necessary reforms and investments in education and training – from infrastructure and construction to training, digital devices and funding for open educational resources.

Looking at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of education and training systems and promoting policy reforms on the ground, the group will help to maintain focus on national and regional investment.

This group will complement the debate at high-level political fora, such as joint exchanges between EU finance and education ministers, as well as with other institutions, such as the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Parliament.


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