Europeans will continue to 'roam like at home' in EU, if travelling

The Commission’s new regulation will be in force next 10 years

Photo: EU

Looking ahead for a brighter future, where the lockdowns and the chaotic measures on the restored border checks in the Schengen area from today will only be a nightmarish recall, the Commission proposed on Wednesday a new roaming regulation, prolonging with extra 10 years the current rules that are due to expire in 2022.

Travellers in other EU country should enjoy better roaming services receiving the same quality and speed of their mobile network connection abroad as at home, where equivalent networks are available. The new rules will also secure efficient access to emergency services, including improving awareness about alternative means for people with disabilities, as well as increase consumer awareness on possible fees from using value-added services while roaming.

The end of roaming charges is a prime example of how the EU keeps millions of citizens connected and improves their lives and the new rules will keep roaming at no extra charges and make it even better, Margrethe Vestager, EC Executive Vice-President for a Europe Fit for the Digital Age, commented.

Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, added that in Europe's Digital Decade everyone must be able to have excellent connectivity everywhere they are in Europe, just like at home. “Today we confirm the commitment towards our citizens. In parallel we work to support investment in adequate infrastructure,” he said.

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