European election in Bulgaria to be held on 26 May

The European Parliament election in Bulgaria will be held on 26 May, it became clear after President Rumen Radev issued a decree officially setting the date.

This is the last possible date of the ones agreed upon by the European Council last year, when it was decided that the election will be held in all Member States between 23 and 26 May. The Sunday of 26 May concludes a long weekend for Bulgarians, who celebrate the Day of Slavonic Script and Bulgarian Education and Culture on 24 May. The country has to elect 17 of the MEPs.

Under the latest amendments to the Electoral Code, the upcoming European Parliament election will feature 3,000 poling stations equipped with machines for electronic voting, while the local election later this year will have 6,000 such stations. After that, elections will be done almost entirely through electronic voting machines, with paper ballots remaining as an option in small polling stations servicing up to 300 voters, polling stations abroad and those either set up on ships, in hospitals and prisons or involving portable ballot boxes. 

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