Eurojust becomes agency

Eurojust entered on Thursday a new phase in its development, as it officially becomes the European Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation. The new regulation will make Eurojust fit for the purpose of fighting increasing levels of cross-border crime, with an Executive Board dealing with administrative matters and giving the College of prosecutors from all Member States more leeway to focus on the continuously rising number of criminal cases.

“This is an important step for Eurojust, marking the beginning of a new phase in our existence. The new Regulation improves our decision-making process and gives us a more elaborate legal basis to work on. This means that we can continue to support National Members and their teams in the fight against cross-border crime, while being better prepared for the future challenges that await us,” Eurojust President Ladislav Hamran said.

With the change, the agency will have a new governance structure, with an Executive Board of six members: president and two vice-presidents; a representative of the Commission when the College exercises its management functions; and two other College national members designated on a two-year rotation system.

Furthermore, it will get a new data protection regime, adapting it to the revised EU legal framework on data protection, and its external relations will be aligned with the principles introduced in by the Treaty of Lisbon. The relationship between Eurojust and the European Public Prosecutor's Office will be based on mutual cooperation within their respective mandates and competences.

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