EU worried at Lebanon's deepening crisis

Photo: EPA

The EU is deeply concerned at the rapid deterioration of the crisis in Lebanon, its ambassador to Beirut said on Thursday, telling Lebanese leaders the time for action had run out and urging them to finally form a government, news wires reported.

"We feel extreme concern about the rapid deterioration of the economic, financial, security and social crisis," Ambassador Ralph Tarraf said after meeting President Michel Aoun, carrying an urgent message from EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell. "There is no more time," he added cited by Reuters.

The EU continues to provide substantial aid to the Lebanese people, Tarraf pointed out, but Lebanese decision-makers, who have failed to agree on a new government for a year, needed to live up to their responsibilities.

Last week, an international support group including France and the US said the "fast-accelerating crisis underscores the utmost urgency of forming a government capable of taking the situation in hand". The crisis has sunk the currency by more than 90%, forced more than half of Lebanese into poverty and frozen depositors out of their accounts. The World Bank has called it one of the sharpest depressions in modern times.

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