EU vote: Turnout up in big countries by mid-afternoon

Photo: Voters in Lyon, France

Turnout appears to be up in several of the EU’s largest countries for the continent-wide battle for influence at the European Parliament, news wires reported. Turnout was up in Spain, France and Germany by mid-afternoon.

In Spain, turnout was up to 35% compared to 24% at the same time in the last European elections in 2014. Spain is also holding municipal and some regional elections —including for mayor of Madrid and Barcelona— while in 2014 the European elections were separate.

In Germany, the federal election authority said that 29% of registered voters had cast ballots by 2 p.m., four hours before polls closed. That’s up from 26% at the same time in 2014. The figure doesn’t include postal votes.

In France, turnout was at 19% at noon, compared with 16% at the same time in 2014.

Numbers in the eastern member states were higher as well, based on information from Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania.

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