EU summit will be held in-person on 25 May

Leaders will gather in Brussels to discuss on Covid-19, climate and Russia

Photo: EU Charles Michel.

European Council President Charles Michel will call a physical European summit in Brussels on 25 May. The main topics on the agenda will be Covid-19, climate and Russia. It was announced Friday on twitter by Barend Leyts, Spokesperson for the EUCO President.

In fact, in the last eight months, it is the first time this month, when there will be no European Council meeting, even by video conference.

Usually at these online conferences EU leaders are taking stock of the epidemiological situation concerning Covid-19 and are coordinating the joint efforts on hot issues like vaccine production and delivery, the slow pace of vaccine rollout, and measures to curb the spread of the virus among other related topics.

The situation with the supply of vaccines has improved in some ways, but many open questions remain, for example the prices of the vaccines. Still there are too many unknowns about the digital green certificate, the disgustingly high prices of testing and the recognition for these certificates of vaccinations made with Russian and Chinese vaccines.

On the climate front, there will be a lot on the plate given the ambitious commitments for collective approach in responding to the challenges like global warming, both Michel and von der Leyen made during their speeches at the Leaders Summit on Climate hosted last two days by US President Joe Biden.

The relations between the EU and Russia have been on the regular agenda of the last EU summit in March, but as at the last moment, its format was shifted to virtual meeting, because of the surge of Covid-19 cases across Europe, the topic remained for the forthcoming summit.

The tensions in EU-Russia relations escalated when 7 days ago Czechia has alleged that Moscow was involved in the blast at the ammunition depot in Vrbetice, which happened exactly six and a half years ago.

Also on Friday, Charles Michel tweeted: “I have the pleasure to announce with von der Leyen an EU-US summit meeting with POTUS Joe Biden during his trip to Brussels in June. Rebuilding a strong EU - USA alliance”.



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