EU Recovery Plan generates tension within Italy’s ruling coalition

Italy’s PM Giuseppe Conte is seeking to step up the pace with regards to the Recovery Plan on using €209bn in grants and low-interest loans Italy is set to get from the Next Generation EU programme, ANSA reported.

The Recovery Plan has generated tension within his ruling coalition, with ex-premier Matteo Renzi's centrist Italia Viva (IV) threatening to pull its support over plans for a task force to oversee implementation of the plan. IV has said such a task force could sideline government and parliament.

Another party in the alliance, the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), has also called for clarification about this task force, saying it must not replace the State institutions.

On Monday Conte said the EU required Italy to create the task force and pledged that it would not "invade" the territory of the institutions. He has also announced the creation of a working group made up of members of the parties in the ruling alliance with the aim for it to generate a final draft of the Recovery Plan to be examined by cabinet before the end of the year. Tension remains high though.

Conte is set to meet the IV's leaders on Tuesday as part of the process to verify if he still has the support of the ruling coalition following the party's threat to pull out.

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