EU plays a leading role in guaranteeing refugee protection: statement

The EU, founded on democratic values and respect for human rights, will continue to play a leading role in guaranteeing the protection of refugees, a joint statement of the European Commission and the High Representative said on the occasion of World Refugee Day, 20 June.

One in every 97 people on earth have been displaced because of conflict or persecution. By the end of 2019, almost 80m people in the world have been forced to leave their homes. This includes nearly 26m refugees, 4.2m asylum seekers, around 45.7m internally displaced people, and 3.6m Venezuelans displaced abroad.

“The EU recognises its share of responsibility for offering protection to those in need and supporting other countries. EU Member States pledged to resettle almost 30,000 refugees in 2020, representing 40% of all resettlement pledges worldwide”.

The coronavirus does not discriminate between people and knows no borders  and the struggle is even harder for them during the pandemic, the statement also said. It noted that

the EU pays tribute to the many refugees working on the frontlines to fight the coronavirus in Europe, in many cases putting their own health at risk, to save others.

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