EU overtakes US in Covid-19 vaccinations percentage

The EU has vaccinated more people against Covid-19 with a first dose than the US, Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton announced on Sunday. According to the figures from Our World in Data showing that 55.7% of EU citizens have had at least one dose, compared to 55.5% in the US It was the first time the EU figures outpaced those across the Atlantic.

"We will be the world's most-vaccinated continent and world's first exporter," Breton said. But Our World in Data says the US still has a higher proportion of fully vaccinated people. The figures are 48% in the US versus 42% in the EU. Britain and some other countries are moving faster than either.

Furthermore, Breton noted that half of vaccines made in the Union have been exported to more than 100 countries overall. But extreme global vaccine inequalities remain. Only a small fraction of vaccines reaching the poorest populations in Africa and elsewhere.

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