EU Leaders discuss how to step up Covid-19 coordination

The guidance by the Commission on how to select rapid antigen tests for diagnosis also on the agenda

Photo: EU Charles Michel.

On Thursday evening EU leaders will discuss the situation with the Covid-19 and the need to further reinforce the coordination in fighting the virus. The informal leaders’ video conference was convened by Charles Michel, President of the European Council. 

This meeting comes as a follow up to the video conference of 29 October, where the heads of state and prime ministers underlined the need to strengthen the collective effort to fight the pandemic and focused on testing and tracing policies and on vaccines.

One of the topics during the discussion will be on the guidance to EU governments, issued by the Commission a day ago, on how to select rapid antigen tests for the Covid-19 diagnosis, when they are appropriate and who should perform them and on mutual recognition of tests' results in the Union. 

Following the previous virtual summit, President Michel commented that testing and tracing policies and vaccines are crucial not only in the short term, but also in the mid and the longer term. We shared our experiences and discussed how to help each other, he said noting that the hospitals and health workers are again under pressure and many leaders have announced lockdowns and restrictions.

At the same meeting the Commission announced that in response of the serious situation of rising cases of infections, hospitalisations and deaths across Europe is making €220m available to finance a safe cross-border transfer of patients where it is needed.

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