EU calls on Belarusian authorities to ensure free and fair elections

Ahead of the presidential elections in Belarus, which will take place this Sunday, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affaires Josep Borrell issued a call on the country’s authorities to guarantee peaceful, free and fair elections.

The country’s sovereignty and independence can only be strengthened by peaceful, free and fair elections. The EU continues to call on the Belarusian authorities to ensure that fundamental freedoms of expression. “The EU appeals to the Belarusian authorities to guarantee the exercise of full political rights of the candidates, to avoid using force against peaceful protesters, to refrain from further detentions of elections observers, peaceful protesters, candidates and members of their teams and immediately release all activists, human rights defenders, bloggers and journalists detained on political grounds,” the EEAS statement by the name of Josep Borrell said. It noted that during the electoral campaign, the Belarusian people have shown unprecedented political mobilisation in favour of free elections and democracy, but the peaceful mobilisation of the society has been met so far with unacceptable further restrictions on freedoms of media and assembly, as well as with detentions of peaceful protesters, domestic observers, journalists and activists.

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