EP celebrates Multilingualism Day online

Follow a day in the life of a translator and an interpreter

On 26 September, the European Day of Languages, the European Parliament is holding an Online Multilingualism Day to celebrate one of the EU’s core values, ensuring that all EU citizens can follow the work of their democratic representatives in any of the EU’s official languages.

During this fourth edition of Multilingualism Day, all debates and panels are live streamed from the Brussels plenary chamber and online workshops give citizens the opportunity to peak behind the curtain and see how the European Parliament works in 24 languages.

The programme also allows the public to follow a day in the life of a translator and an interpreter, to connect to the Luxembourg campus to learn about translation traineeships, as well as to connect to the House of European History for snapshots of linguistic diversity throughout history.

The Multilingualism Day will close with a live panel from the Brussels plenary chamber discussing what it takes to make multilingualism a reality. Among the panelists are Nicola Beer (Renew, DE), EP Vice-President, Sven Gatz, Brussels Minister of Finance, Budget, Civil Service and Promotion of Multilingualism,  and Jaume Duch Guillot, EP Spokesperson and Director-General for Communication.

Especially interesting for the young audience are the sessions ‘How do I become a translator or an interpreter?’, constantly evolving professions, ‘Multilingualism – what is it?, and what are the possibilities for translation traineeships.

In parallel to the main programme, there are free translation workshops in Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Irish, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish and Slovene throughout the day, run by experienced EP translators and interpreters.

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