EMA official says about link between AstraZeneca jab and blood clots

In an interview to Italian Il Messaggero newspaper on Tuesday, Dr Marco Cavaleri, head of anti-infectives and vaccines at European Medicine Agency (EMA) underscores that there is a link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and extremely rare cases of blood clots reported in people who recently were inoculated.

He pointed out that among younger people that received the jab there was a higher than expected number of cases of cerebral thrombosis compared with the general population. Dr Cavaleri also added that it is still not certain what is the cause for this.

Asked about the Commission’s reaction on this statement, the EC spokesperson said that the link is currently being investigated by the EMA and last week some follow up was done. “This week there is going to be a meeting of EMA’s safety committee (PRAC) they are looking at the issue in great detail and we hope to hear from EMA about this possible connection at some point,” the spokesperson said.

On 31 March, the EMA specified that at present the review of 62 cases has not identified any specific risk factors, such as age, gender or a previous medical history of clotting disorders, for these very rare events. A causal link with the vaccine is not proven, but is possible and further analysis is still ongoing. According to the current scientific knowledge there is no evidence that will support restricting the use of this vaccine in any population, EMA said.

Based on all the currently available data, PRAC is expected to issue an updated recommendation during its April plenary meeting on 6–9 April.

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