Election results as of 8pm: exit polls

Following are exit poll results of Bulgaria's early parliamentary elections, held on Sunday:

Alpha Research:

GERB-UDF 23.5%

There Is Such a People 22.3%

BSP for Bulgaria 14.1%

Democratic Bulgaria 14.1%

Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) 11.7%

Stand up! Mafiosi out! 5.5%


Gallup International Balkan:

GERB-UDF 22.1%

There Is Such a People 21.5%

BSP for Bulgaria 15.1%

Democratic Bulgaria 13.7%

MRF 12.0%

Stand up! Mafiosi out! 4.8%



GERB-UDF 23.6%

There Is Such a People 23.0%

BSP for Bulgaria 14.4%

Democratic Bulgaria 13.0%

MRF 8.9%

Stand up! Mafiosi out! 4.9%


Market LINKS:


There Is Such a People 21.7%

BSP for Bulgaria 14.7%

Democratic Bulgaria 13.5%

MRF 10.4%

Stand up! Mafiosi out! 5.1%

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