El Chapo orders hit on Monitor News Agency too

Hackers attack its website, leave a bloody message and accompanied by photo of banker Emil Kyulev, who was shot dead 15 years ago

The sinister gambling tzar with 18 felony charges Vasil Bozhkov, aka El Chapo, has put a hit on Monitor News Agency as well. The unscrupulous fugitive currently being investigated for ordering multiple murders, committed a vicious attack on free speech in an attempt to shut up the media outlet’s journalists because of their series of revelations about the way he is using the hundreds of millions he defrauded the state out of to finance a brutal attempt at instigating a riot in the country so he can undermine the public institutions and get off scot-free instead of suffering retribution for his crimes.

Late on 30 July the website version of Monitor became a victim of a massive hacker attack that involved bloody messages. So there would be no doubt left as to WHO stands behind them, the messages were all capped with the motto #BeBrave – the hashtag that Bozhkov uses for the Facebook posts with which he has been bombarding the public space in Bulgaria with lies and calls for riots in the past couple of months. The most chilling thing is that all the articles whose content was altered by the El Chapo mercenaries wound up accompanied by a photo of banker Emil Kyulev, who was shot dead 15 years ago and whose murder is yet to be solved.

The attack started at 8.23 p.m., when the hackers started altering the content of articles that were already up on the Monitor website. The first text to fall victim to the attack clearly ordered by Bozhkov was headlined “President Rumen Radev exposes his connection to Prokopiev, admits to already having names of potential provisional government members”.

That target selection is unlikely to have been random considering the fact that the article is the latest one to illuminate the behind-the-scenes dependencies between the head of state Rumen Radev, who was personally approved as presidential candidate by former Russian general Leonid Reshetnikov; the Capital circle controlled by the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, whose recent event the president attended; and the protests designed to paralyse the country, which have been revealed to be financed by El Chapo.

At the aforementioned event, Radev reiterated his call for the cabinet and Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev to be ousted, going so far as to admitting to already having in mind who should be in the provisional government. The entire purpose of this event organised by the behind-the-scenes clique was to influence the upcoming general and presidential elections scheduled to be held next year.

A total of five articles with mobster messages in the style of “the time has come” and “your secret agent buddies” were published on the newswire agency’s website. Each of them was illustrated with the photo of the slain banker Emil Kyulev. He was shot dead in the autumn of 2005 at a busy crossroad in Sofia and his murder remains unsolved to this day.

However, shortly after the assassination speculations emerged that none other than Bozhkov threatened Kyulev’s widowed wife, Vesela, so he can put his hands on her dead husband’s bank RosEksim, as well as his insurance company. It was an intervention by then-President Georgi Parvanov that saved Vesela Kyuleva from such a development. Against this backdrop, the hacker attack and the death threats that were effectively issued through the altered articles raise the question whether Bozhkov was the one behind Kyulev’s murder.

This is a lead that should definitely be investigated. Especially considering that during a hearing to decide on restrictive measures for the arrested group of assassins serving El Chapo it emerged that he also ordered the murder of Delyan Peevski, publisher of Telegraph Media, part of which are the Monitor newspaper and newswire. There is evidence that Bozhkov also put a hit on businessman Manol Velev, who has been in a vegetative state for over a decade now, Aleksey Petro and a woman who currently lives in Switzerland.

To cover their tracks, the hackers used a VPN service. The unscrupulous attack on free speech has already been reported to the General Directorate for Combating Organised Crime. The team of Telegraph Media will alert all relevant European institutions about the vicious attempts of the indicted gambling tzar to shut up its media outlet. We are adamant that the incident will not deter us from exposing the crimes and illegal schemes of not only Vasil Bozhkov, but the rest of the behind-the-scenes clique that has been plundering our country for decades.

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