El Chapo and Bulgarian Madoff embrace in telling lies - to strike their common enemy Delyan Peevski

They spread talking points through a fake news website

The gambling boss with 19 felony charges, Vasil Bozhkov, known as El Chapo, and the other fugitive from justice, Tsvetan Vassilev, called Bulgarian Madoff, embraced in telling lies, in addition to their attempts to incite a riot in our country through paid protests and political figureheads.

The offspring of their tandem for flooding the public space with outright slanders and manipulations is named narod.bg. It is an online media, which since its creation this spring, publishes only fake news items. Its targets are the enemies of the two oligarchs, who damaged the citizens and the state treasury by billions, and afterwards fled abroad to escape retribution for their crimes.

Another blow, ordered by Bozhkov and Vassilev on the website for running such orders, was delivered on 22 August, when an outright lie was published against the enemy №1 of the Bulgarian behind-the-scene clique and its mentors - MP of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph and Monitor outlets Delyan Peevski. The so-called article meets all the criteria for fake news item. Moreover, it is written according to one of the main "recipes" of the Russian propaganda, described by the group for reports and analyses of disinformation trends in European media East StratCom Task Force in 2016. Namely – it is a publication where absolutely all the facts are made up. 

According to this transparent hoax, in the editorial board of the so-called edition, a "signal" was received from an e-mail, which could not be verified, according to which the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and its Office of Special Operations (SOD) were investigating a Bulgarian pharmaceutical company for export of Captagon, which company was associated with Peevski. The lawmaker has neither companies nor any interests related to pharmaceutics, unlike one of the main behind-the-scenes players in our country and a partner of the two bosses above in spreading lies - the king of the pills Ognyan Donev. This is easy to be checked in the public registers of our country, but both the assigners of the false news item and the executor – this website in question, obviously rely on the fact that the writing will be accepted as pure coin. To make this fantasy "authentical", it is claimed that a "document" was attached to the e-mail, but it turns out that it does not exist. Conversely, a writing is pinned there in English, which seems to have been fabricated on the same computer, from which the talking points come from, that the gambling boss Vasil Bozhkov has been flooding the public space in Bulgaria from Dubai via Facebook for months. Just some minutes after its publication by narod.bg, the lie was reprinted verbatim by the website Frognews, which plays the role of Tsvetan Vassilev's personal press centre. And just two hours later they released a "revision" - a new hoax, in which they claim, again without evidence, that Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev knew about the so-called DEA "investigation" but they did not cooperate with it. This absurdly hotch-potch is completely in the talking points style, dictated for months by Vassilev, Bozhkov and the third one in the criminal trio, which is trying to overthrow the state in order to escape from justice - the indicted boss Ivo Prokopiev. The main conductor and sponsor of this script is Vasil Bozhkov, as Prokopiev and Vassilev are supporting him with their mainstream media machine and their paid spokespersons, GMO parties and NGO network.

It is exactly El Chapo, as the bloodthirsty gambling boss Vasil Bozhkov became known, to whom the traces of website narod.bg lead. According to register.bg - organisation, which registers and maintains BG domains, the website was  registered on 3 April 2020 by a company with the indicative name Hacky Fish EOOD. It supposedly belongs to 57 years old Nikolay Feodorov Nizol, who is a person with Bulgarian UCN and passport, but Russian origin, presenting a figurehead. Dozens of companies are there in DAXY - the company investigation system in the name of Nizol. He is supposedly an owner of 74 of them, in 72 he is actively registered, and the companies where he is a manager are over 80 in number. According to information of our team, in the specific case with the website he is a figurehead of Vasil Bozhkov. And the website itself is run by a team of programmers of "his cordial girlfriend", accused of misuse of EU funds Lilyana Deyanova - LiLana, publishing talking points dictated by El Chapo and his PR-protester, who is currently living in France Ivet Dobromirova. The latter is also in charge of maintaining his Facebook account.

Our team made many attempts to contact Nisol on GSM number, pointed for contact with narod.bg and Hacky Fish in register.bg, but the line was busy all the time. On the other hand, the website in question and Nizol were the main "characters" in a series of investigations of 24 Hours outlet a few months ago, whose case was another hoax published by narod.bg, which sent the Prime Minister Boyko Borissov to  hospital. Then Nizol told in the publication that he headed the companies supposedly being their owner, for a fee of BGN 300. According to the publications again, the domain of narod.bg was registered with a power of attorney on his behalf by an owner of a yellow website, who later sold the booked name to a "team of programmers living in France".

The hoax against Delyan Peevski, published by this website for orders, with El  Chapo standing behind it, comes amid a week of silence kept by Bozhkov on his Facebook page, from where he has been calling for riots financed by him for months against the legally elected institutions. The coincidence is hardly accidental. Apparently, after the protests, which he himself admits in conversations recorded with special surveillance equipment, that he finances with tens of thousands of levs, finally subsided, Bozhkov decided to change his "tactics". Namely - to order the denigration of his enemies with fake news items and to foul the public space with lies and propaganda observing the model followed by Tsvetan Vassilev and the defendant boss Ivo Prokopiev for years.

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