EC launched the first prizes for the New European Bauhaus

One of the competition strands is just for young people under the age of 30

Photo: EU Mariya Gabriel (L) and Elisa Ferreira (R).

The Commission launched on Friday the first New European Bauhaus prizes that showcase good practices, examples, and concepts dedicated to sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion. These prizes will reward under ten different categories existing completed examples or new ideas and concepts submitted by young talents.

New European Bauhaus is an inspiration for achieving harmony with nature, reflected in the way of living, places we inhabit, our relationship with natural environments, beyond the built space.

This initiative aims to turn the European Green Deal into a cultural, economic and environmental project, said Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth noting that it brings together the ideas of artists, engineers, scientists, architects, designers and the talents of young people, with the aim of creating a better living environment.

She explained that the New European Bauhaus prizes aim to recognise best practices and concepts that clearly illustrate the new European values of the Bauhaus movement - sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion.

We continue with unwavering commitment to pursue the economic and technological transformation of our societies, Elisa Ferreira, EU Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms commented adding that “we want to do so supporting each other, so that no one is left behind”.

“Conversations and ideas from every corner in Europe and from around the world prove that beyond a transformational project, the European Green Deal needs culture at its core,” Commissioner Ferreira outlined.

The competition has two strands - ‘New European Bauhaus Awards' and ‘New European Bauhaus Rising Stars'.

The categories for the prizes include techniques, materials and processes for construction and design presenting solutions how the built environment can contribute to mitigate climate change, environmental protection and making places more affordable and inclusive. Places or physical sites that demonstrate the re-use and recycling of materials, are also on the list.

Among the other categories are as well solutions for the co-evolution of built environment and nature, regenerated urban and rural spaces, products and processes that contribute to a sustainable, attractive and inclusive lifestyle, such as fashion, or furniture, or interior design, foods or other objects from everyday life.

Next are examples of preserved and transformed cultural heritage or reinvented places to meet and share. Events, festivals, cultural performances that bring communities together  are also in the scope of the categories for the prizes, together with modular, adaptable and mobile living solutions and interdisciplinary education models.

Both EU and non-EU nationals can apply, as long as their concept, idea and projects are actually developed or physically located in the EU. Joint/partner and consortia type applications are possible too, with the same criteria for EU-based projects.

Young people, under the age of 30 on 31 May 2021 can apply for both competition strands. Project promoters who are over 30 years of age can only apply for the New European Bauhaus Awards.

There will be one winner per category in each strand. The winners will receive €30,000 for the New European Bauhaus Awards, and €15,000 - for the New European Bauhaus Rising Stars, together with a comprehensive communication package.

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