EC: Bulgaria launches investigations against emblematic figures

The report focuses on the fight against corruption, which according to Brussels needs further efforts

Bulgaria carried out a comprehensive judicial reform. This conclusion underlies the monitoring report of the European Commission for the country, which was presented on Wednesday (See here).

The report notes the success of the high-level investigations launched in 2020 against emblematic figures. The EC is also focusing on the improved cooperation between the law enforcement authorities. At the same time, however, the emphasis is put on the fight against corruption, for which, according to Brussels, further efforts are needed against the background of low public trust. Expectations for effective charges in corruption cases are expressed. In addition, the challenges on the need to finalise some reforms are highlighted, taking account of the Venice Commission opinion, regarding the effective accountability, for example, of the Prosecutor General.

Concerning the media environment, Brussels emphasises that the Audiovisual Media Regulatory Authority (Council for Electronic Media - CEM) is considered as independent and transparent about its activities, but the Authority lacks resources to perform its tasks efficiently.

Bulgarian Minister of Justice Desislava Ahladova commented that the EC report is positive and objective.

“Bulgaria thanks the European Commission for this report which reviews the application of the Rule of Law. The report is positive, objective and it is clearly outlining the achieved results of our cooperation with the Commission. It focuses on areas which are given priority in ensuring the Rule of Law in the European Union, and these areas coincide with the priorities of the Bulgarian government. The EC welcomes above all the reform of the anticorruption legislation and institutional framework in Bulgaria, which has led to improved cooperation,” Minister Ahladova said.

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