EC asks how to empower retail investors to take right financial decisions

The public consultation on the future strategy will run until 3 August this year

Photo: EU Mairead McGuinness.

To ensure that retail investors, namely consumers wanting to invest their money, can take full advantage of the EU's capital markets, the Commission launched on Tuesday a public consultation on the upcoming Retail Investment Strategy. This plan will be adopted in early 2022, as it was announced in last year's Capital Markets Union Action Plan. 

Looking for views on how to improve the EU's existing retail investor protection framework, the EU executive puts questions to citizens and households in their quality as retail investors, to consumer organisations, credit institutions, investment and insurance companies.

Its purpose is also to collect viewpoints on the topic from financial brokers, national governments, EU public authorities, bodies in charge of legislation in the field of retail investments, academics, policy think-tanks and entities seeking financing on capital markets.

The investor protection framework should create an environment of trust so that these consumers have the confidence to take advantage of the potential that capital markets offer.

Saying that people are at the heart of her vision for financial services, Mairead McGuinness, Commissioner for Financial Services, Financial Stability and Capital Markets Union, underscored that she wants to establish a framework that empowers retail investors to take the right financial decisions, “a framework they can trust because it gives them sufficient protection”.

By contributing to this public consultation, you can have your say on issues relevant to the development of an investor protection framework in the EU that helps unlock the potential of our capital markets and ensures that it delivers for retail investors, Commissioner McGuinness pointed out.

The public consultation on the future Retail Investment Strategy will run until 3 August this year.

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