Donations of Delyan Peevski and logorrhea of Prokopiev known as a man with no balls

Kaolin and Damianitsa are taboo topics in the media outlets of oligarch Ivo Prokopiev

Ivo Prokopiev

Logorrhea is uncontrolled excessive wordiness, blabbering and often incoherent speech. The syndrome is described in psychiatry but it is also a characteristic feature of most journalists who their publisher oligarch Ivo Prokopiev uses as his mouthpieces.

As regards the author of the next in row example of logorrhea published in Capital, the situation is hopeless. Once they taught us at the Faculty of Journalism that the main idea of a text should be mentioned in its headline and the lead. But in this example the headline fully contradicts the text in which there is not a word about the “donations” of the publisher for whom the author works.

Rumyana Chervenkova is sometimes mentioned as the “first editor-in-chief of Dnevnik”. And she has so much fallen from grace as to elaborate extensively on the themes focused on one sole talking point – shooting down the enemy (of Prokopiev), Delyan Peevski.

The oligarch applies with a vengeance the tactics of attacking lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. The guilty conscience disturbs his sleep and makes him think up new talking points one after another which he then sends down in the form of homework to his tireless staffers. Or, to be more accurate, the slanderers.       

For anyone in Capital it is considered a worthy achievement to blow up one talking point to the size of a one-page article, namely, “say something about donations”.  But this is just what logorrhea is about. And so they splash it over like waste water to execute the orders of their master in full obedience. Same as all other cogs in the machine which spews out malicious materials commissioned by the privatiser of personal opinions. Prokopiev is famous for borrowing balls from his pen-pushers for lack of his own. He is the oligarch publisher who put in a pledge the editorial policy of his media for a loan and spits on the freedom of speech. Just like he privatised Kaolin mining company and Damianitsa winery, like he poisoned the air in Merichleri and killed this resort town, this ugly personification of mafia-style privatisation has hired a large group of people whom he intentionally makes working as freelancers so that they fully depend on him. While to those who are working for his media outlets full time, instead of touring all kinds of websites with a begging bowl, he gives explicit orders what to write and what to think. Because he has already bought them and privatised their thinking.

The journalists with salable conscience can put together all of the targets identified by the oligarch and tie them up in an absurd way even with El Chapo. However, it the logorrheic articles of journalists for sale there is no room for the Bulgarian Pablo Escobar – Tsvetan Vassilev. Because the oligarch publisher is on very friendly terms with the latter. The two of them are like brothers, no doubt about it. One of them has appropriated working companies for cents on the dollar thanks to string pulling. The other has plundered the savings of CorpBank depositors to buy expensive realty for himself and to indulge caprices of his extremely spoiled daughter with whom he now talks at leisure being sure that there will be no retribution for the crimes committed by the fugitive banker.

Such are the rules of the Capital circle – talking points instead of personal opinion, lies instead of truth, logorrhea instead of clear-cut and meaningful messages. It is sad to watch the degradation of these serfs who arrange in a row on a dirty sheet the big donors supporting the fight against Covid-19 to curry favour to their master. It is sad, pathetic and odious! Same as the way this preacher of morals and privatiser of journalists purchased for peanut money makes them talk instead of him.

In 2018, lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski said: “I am not an oligarch, I have not privatised for small change Kaolin or Sopharma, I don’t own solar parks generating expensive electricity, I don’t own gas grids and don’t build wealth by taxes the people pay, I do not use pension savings for personal financing, I don’t sell over expensive medicines, don’t evade taxes or file lawsuits against my Motherland and don’t slander it in Brussels or overseas. I, dear oligarchs, Prokopiev, Donev and Donchev, own only some media outlets which expose people like you. And I will continue doing it because I believe in truth, in the right of everyone to express their personal opinion freely, I believe in the future of Bulgaria and I am not part of the so-called “transition” that plundered our country. And you all belong to it.”  

We have chosen this quotation for all those journalists on sale who roll out the talking points of oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and his henchmen. If they could unplug their ears and open their eyes they would have seen the ugly true selves of those to whom they sold their conscience. Those who built up a whole network of NGOs with the sole purpose – not to help the society but to steal from it. To privatise public opinion in order to peddle the interests of their mentors. And, as long as we are discussing this topic, do you know what percentage share of the donations which flooded the country and united the community in the battle against Covid-19 has been provided by the NGOs in recent weeks? Three percent! There’s hardly any need for more comments. Because this example once again proves that while some people make donations, others are busy stealing.

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